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In the spring of 1994, retired architect and author, Eddie J. Creek suggested to former shipping executive, Robert Forsyth, that they should publish a book which Robert had written.

Robert thought Eddie was mad, but Eddie bought Robert another drink, and the two of them decided to hatch a plan. Neither of them really knew what they were doing, but in the summer of 1996 they published their first book and formed Classic Publications to publish large format, heavily illustrated specialist military aviation books. At that time, there was no worldwide web and no email – so from a standing start they developed a direct mail order business from scratch with a list of nearly 3,000 readers around the world.

Classic Publications quickly became regarded as an innovative publisher of aviation history and attracted respected authors and illustrators. The business owners placed emphasis on depth of research, eye-catching design and superior production values.

In 2002 the imprint was acquired by Ian Allan Publishing, who at the time was celebrating its 60th year of business having created an internationally renowned transport, military, aviation and maritime publishing list.

From that point, and based in offices in rural Sussex, England, the business was re-formed as Chevron Publishing, and moved into book production for third-party publishing clients including Ian Allan Publishing, David & Charles, Hikoki Publications, Pacifica Military History, Crecy Publishing, Christopher Foyle Publishing and Osprey Publishing. The company’s output has benefited  from a small, but highly skilled and dedicated production team of editors, designers and illustrators.

The company also continued to publish its own books under its AirPower Editions imprint as well as setting up a joint venture, Tiger Books, with a leading British wildlife photographer to publish striking books on the wildlife of India and Britain.

In 2010, Tattered Flag Press was set up to publish military history.

To date, Chevron Publishing has published or produced some 200 widely acclaimed books on military aviation, motor sport, wildlife, armoured warfare and military history. The company has worked with hundreds of authors from all over the world and has built a reputation for excellence in the standard of its work.

Founded in 1995